Kart Monkey Racing

Kart Racing Team from the Pacific Northwest

21607 Mountain Hwy E
Spanaway, WA 98387

(253) 212-8343

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About Us

Kart Monkey Racing was started by Jacque Rickords in 2015. From the outset, the goal was to get more people into karting. It started as a fledgling group of racers. Since then, it has grown into an organized race team with regionally competitive drivers.

We are dedicated to our racers, both new and established alike. Our mission is to find you an affordable path to the thrill of kart racing. Fun is the name of the game, and success is a close second.

We can help you find the right kart.
We can train you to go faster.

We can teach you to be a mechanic. 

We'll help you trackside at the races.

The only question we have for you:

Are you ready to race?

The Races

Here's just a taste of the action.

The pictures alone don't do it justice.


Contact Us

Karting can be intimidating to get started.

But there's something for everyone.

Want to know more about karting?

Need help finding a kart for you?

Want to join the race team?

Give us a shout! We can help!

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