Kart Monkey Racing was born by Jacque Rickords as his way of bringing more people into karting. It's one of the most thrilling motorsports out there.
But karting can be intimidating to get started. Picking the right equipment. Getting the right tools. Learning all the pieces and parts.
We're here to help you break through the barrier to entry. We can help you every step of the way, and be there for every challenge you'll face.
Don't go it alone. It's better with friends.

Jacque Rickords

Team Principal

Lead Mechanic

I started karting 5 years ago. My first season I took the PSGKA TAG Senior championship. I currently hold 3 championships at PSGKA, and one championship in road racing.


I started this business to make karting more affordable, and pass on my knowledge and skills to other drivers.

Brian VerDuin

Technical Director

Support Mechanic

I just got started in karting at the beginning of 2018. In my first season, I placed 5th in TAG Heavy in the region, and tied for 1st in TAG Heavy at PSGKA.

I love karting. The adrenaline rush is like no other. I joined Kart Monkey Racing to help spread that excitement and friendship that makes karting amazing.

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