Italkart Laguna SE Black KF/KZ

Through a direct partnership with Italian Motors, we are dealers for ItalKart Chassis and X125T Motors.

This special edition chassis boasts attention to detail in each component. This color combination will be available only in KF and KZ versions in limited quantities.


KF includes rear brakes

KZ includes both front and rear brakes

Features Include

Tube Size: 30mm

Axle Size: 50mm Standard

Axle Bearings: 3

Brake System: EV0R1

Master Cylinders: Reservoir self adjusting

Rear Rotor: Floating Vented

Front Rotors: Floating Vented

Fuel Tank: 8.5 litres

Spindles: 10.5 or 11 Degree

Torsion Bars: Front - Rear

Front Ride Height: Adjustable

Rear Ride Height: Adjustable

Wheelbase: Fixed

KG FP7 Bodywork with Black/White Sticker Kit.


For more information, go the the Laguna SE Black page


***Tires not included*** 




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