Italkart Primo Kid Kart

Through a direct partnership with Italian Motors, we are dealers for ItalKart Chassis and X125T Motors.

The Primo Kart is the perfect starter kart designed for aspiring drivers aged 3-7. The Primo represents the ideal starting point in kart racing chassis packages. It features a tubular steel chassis, adjustable pedal posts, lightweight wheels, rear disc brake, sticker kit and a 35cc 4 stroke engine.  The disc brake utilizes a steel rotor and a cable operated caliper to ensure reliability and ease of adjustment.  The plastic bodywork provides an aerodynamic design and an aesthetically pleasing look.

Assembly and setup of the kart is very simple and straight forward and can be easily managed by the driver's parent (full assembly option also available - call for more details). The Primo Kart is purpose built with beginner racers in mind. This could prove to be the beginning of a great racing career!



Tube Size: 25mm

Axle Size:  30mm Solid Standard

Axle Bearings:  2

Brake System:  Mechanical

Master Cylinders:  Mechanical

Rear Rotor:  Fixed Rear

Engine:  4 stroke 35cc  (included w/ kart)

Tires: Included




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